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Most hamster cages that are available in Singapore pet stores are generally not recommended for both dwarf and Syrian hamsters. This is because most of these cages are too small for them to live comfortably. Dwarf Hamsters need about 70cm x 40cm space to explore and live while Syrians need about 80cm x 50cm.

Because of this, Tinypets.co has decided to not retail any of these smaller cages to prevent owners from unknowingly putting their hamsters in an uncomfortably small space. All hamster cages which do not meet our requirements will be marked “Out of Stock”.

We have decided retain Habitrail Ovo Series of cages as we feel that they are novel cages that do serve a unique purpose (simulate hamsters burrows). However, we do recommend that owners purchase at least 2 of these cages or use them as supplements to their existing enclosures.

To find out more information about hamster cages, please check out Hamster Society Singapore’s guide to picking a cage here.


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