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Hays are the most important staple for most small animals here in Singapore. The House Rabbit Society of Singapore recommends that rabbits get hay for 80% of their diet. In order for you to do that, your pets should always have ready access to fresh hay in their home.
There are many kinds of hays from many different brands. Tinypets.co carries a wide range of them so you can pick the best one for your pets. The popular brands of hays are from oxbow, momi and bunny nature.
As for selecting the best types of hay, you may need to do some googling to find the best one for your requirements as there are a few differences between the hay types.
A quick overview are the hay types and the cut types. You can choose from the common hay types such as Alfalfa; recommended for young rabbits, Timothy; best for delicate digestive, skin and weight issue pets, Orchard; a pretty high protein hay and Mixed; best of both worlds.
As for cuts, there is first cut, which is the first cutting of the new hay. It is usually tougher. The second cut is the second cutting, people usually prefer them as they are slightly softer which makes them of higher quality. Third cuts are very soft hays but are quite uncommon. You can read more about hay types and cuts at the house rabbit society website. 


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